Invest With Three Pillars Capital Group



  • Eligibility

  • Do I need to be an accredited investor to invest with you?

    On a 504(c) offering, investors are required to be accredited ($200k in income for the last two years and $300k for married or a $1M net worth (excluding primary residence)). On a 504(b) offering we can accept up to 35 non-accredited investors. We use either option for our deals and this will be stated on the PPM.

  • What is the minimum investment?

    The minimum is $25,000. But most investors write bigger checks.

  • Other

  • What are the short-term and long-term objectives when acquiring a property?

    The short-term goal is execute on the value creation, distribute dividends to investors and get the refinancing as quickly as possible to return significant investor equity. The long-term goal is to sell the property at the desired return target.

  • What is the typical hold period of an acquisition?

    Typically we acquire a property and hold onto it for 5 years at which point the property is sold and sales profits are paid out. Around the 2 year mark, we will refinance the property and return a large portion of capital back

  • Can I invest with an IRA or other retirement account?

    Yes, you can invest with a self-directed IRA, trust, or other qualified retirement account as long as you have the ability to “self direct” your investments. For IRA account holders, there are several IRA custodians we can connect you with that will allow you to use these funds to invest in our projects

  • Why Houston? Is TPCG looking at deals elsewhere?

    Houston is one of the largest and most diverse cities in the country with a rapidly growing population. From 2018-2019, Texas accounted for nearly one-fourth of the entire nation’s population growth. And in Houston alone, an average of nearly 11,000 people per month have moved to the city since 2010 – nearly 135,000 people a year. With so much growth in Houston and ample supply of value add multifamily product, we have positioned ourselves in fantastic environment to capitalize on this demand. We do look at deals in other parts of the country that have similar demand drivers and favorable business environments as Houston.