Invest With Three Pillars Capital Group

Built on Innovation, Integrity and Transparency

What Makes Us Unique

The real estate investment industry has been plagued for years by outdated processes, inefficiencies and a serious lack of creativity, and many take a one-size-fits-all approach. At Three Pillars Capital Group, we choose to think differently. We approach our multifamily investing with creativity and innovative thinking that allow us to maximize efficiencies and ensure residents, tenants and investors gain top value.

Strategy and Approach

The traditional approach to multifamily investing relies heavily on a passive investing mentality with little emphasis on innovation or new methods of optimizing return. However, in today’s highly competitive market where cap rate compression and inflated valuations are the norm, a much different approach is needed. Our team employs an institutional mindset and has conducted in-depth market research to identify key components that add value to our acquisitions that most asset managers miss. Consider it our secret sauce.


Property Management

Once renovations on a multifamily housing development is complete, we facilitate end-to-end property management services via our sister company Greenline Apartment Management. This allows us to maintain operational oversight, flexibility and control of onsite activities while significantly driving down management costs. Having control over all aspects of onsite management allows us to handle issues more effectively rather than needing to work with an outsourced management company.

Performance & Success

We are proud of our performance and track record – our investors will say the same. Beyond providing an excellent product and service to our tenants, our investors are our top priority. We measure our success in a variety of ways, from rent increases and operational cost reductions to return of capital to our partners. We typically pursue deals of $20M and above that can yield an 18%+ internal rate of return to investors.

Reporting Package & Investor Interaction

Without our partners, none of this would be possible. That’s why we place great importance on timely quarterly reporting and communication. We interact with our investors monthly to ensure all questions are answered and expectations are set. It is not uncommon for us to meet regularly and give multiple property tours during due diligence periods or rehabilitation phases.