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Factors Contributing to Demand

  • Low Multifamily Construction Starts:
    Due to tighter lending policies for new construction, new multifamily project developments are at multi-decade lows
  • Declining Home Ownership:
    Demand for rental properties has steadily risen due to appreciation in home values and stringent lending policies
  • Rental Trends:
    The Millenial generation is more likely to rent than buy
  • Class B & C Recession Resilience:
    During good economies and bad, B & C class multifamily properties maintain higher levels of occupancy
Factors Contributing to Demand
Market Lacks Sophisticated Buyers and Owners for B/C Class Properties

Market Lacks Sophisticated Buyers and Owners for B/C Class Properties

  • Limited Competition:
    Institutional buyers often pass on these classes because they are looking to put more capital to work in larger properties with a more sophisticated ownership base. This creates an opportunity for a buyer such as TPCG
  • “Low Hanging Fruit”:
    The lack of owners’ sophistication lends itself to multitudes of opportunities to increase operational efficiencies and NOI

Selection Criteria Highlights

  • Supreme, densely populated location in desirable areas of Houston
  • Strong fundamentals in property’s submarket
  • Close proximity to major employment centers
  • Favorable demographic trends
  • Potential for RUBS / utility bill back
Selection Criteria Highlights