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Josh Welch

Founder & Managing Principal

As the son of two entrepreneurs, I’ve witnessed firsthand the challenges and rewards that result from building a successful business from the ground up. I was taught at a young age the importance of creativity, ingenuity and innovative thinking, and have carried those traits into my professional life.

The real estate investment industry has been plagued for years with outdated processes, inefficiencies and a serious lack of creativity. Unfortunately, many take a one-size-fits-all approach that simply doesn’t allow a firm to stand out among the multitude of competitors in this over-saturated industry.

In 2008, I began purchasing, renovating, refinancing and renting multiple single-family homes as a side business. It was through these projects and developing a curiosity to explore the real estate investment industry more, I quickly recognized the lack of innovation and significant inefficiencies that have existed for years, specifically in multifamily investment practices. After my hobby turned into a true passion, I left my job in quantitative analytics and founded Three Pillars Capital Group in 2017.

Three Pillars Capital Group is an organization that challenges the status quo, and our commitment to innovation is what drives us every day to showcasing a different approach and a better way of doing things.

We are also passionate about serving people. We want to serve the community by providing luxurious and stylish apartments at an affordable price. In fact, that’s what the ‘three pillars’ in Three Pillars Capital Group stands for – we are committed to providing elegant, classy and affordable living to the communities we serve.

I’m also the founder of our sister company, Greenline Apartment Management, which handles end-to-end property management services for the multifamily housing units we acquire. One of the reasons we felt it was critical to create this company is because for no one can care about the performance of our properties as much as we do. We hold ourselves to very high standards and seek to hold ourselves accountable.

As with any investment, we seek to maximize NOI and drive down expenses. However, before that can happen, it begins with providing exceptional customer service to the tenants who live on these properties. That means we must do the basics right. We strive to build a sense of community through tenant appreciation events, taking care of any complaints in a timely manner, and having a staff that can carry forward our passion and commitment to excellence. Without these and other fundamentals of customer service, one cannot maximize the financial performance of a property.

We’ve grown significantly over the past few years and I’m incredibly proud of the culture we’ve created. What may have started off as a passion of mine has grown into simply the way we operate. The entire team is fueled by the common mission and commitment to make the communities with these properties more accessible, beautiful and functional for everyone. Together, we are challenging the industry and I’m excited for us to continue to grow and showcase a new approach to real estate investment.

Three Pillars Capital & Greenline Team

My constantly expanding team consists of (but not limited to):

  1. Regional managers- They supervise all property level operations and staffing.
  2. Property accountants- Bookkeeping, taxes, end of year K1s for investors.
  3. Asset managers- Oversee execution of property business plan.
  4. Marketing Associate- Ensure proper marketing of the properties, lead generation and maximize leasing rate.
  5. Director of Acquisitions- Source new deals.
  6. Director of Operations- Oversee TPCG & Greenline operations.
  7. Project managers- Manage smooth execution of all rehabs.
  8. HR & Recruiters- Manager HR issues and source new talent.