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Founder's Letter

Josh Welch

Josh Welch

Founder & Managing Principal

My team and I created Three Pillars Capital Group and Greenline Apartment Management because of our passion and the fun we have serving people. The foundation of all that we do is serving people. We want to serve the community by providing high quality apartments that people living there will call home for a long time to come. Part of our reason for creating our own in-house property management company was the thesis that no one would care about the performance of our properties as much as we would. We hold ourselves to very high standards and hold ourselves accountable.

As it goes with any investment, we obviously seek to maximize NOI and drive down expenses. But before that can happen, it all starts with providing exceptional customer service to the tenants who live on these properties. That means we have to do the basics right, which means building a sense of community through tenant appreciation events, taking care of any tenant complaints in a timely manner and following up with them to make sure it was taken care of and having a staff that can carry forward our passion and commitment to excellence. Without these and other basic fundamentals of customer service, one cannot maximize the financial performance of a property.

When we hire someone, we don’t just hire them to fill a role. We have to make sure that they understand our culture and values so that when they interact with a tenant, it’s as if they are interacting with us. Culture and values are more than just food trucks, fancy meals and team bowling events, it’s about the basic passion to serve people. It takes a lot of effort to create this culture and we invest time and money into fostering this culture because without that a company cannot create loyalty nor have team members with the intrinsic drive to do a good job.

My team consists of a director of acquisitions, regional managers, rehab project managers, accountants, property managers, leasing agents and team of dedicated maintenance staff. Our staff continues to grow day by day and with each acquisition. We strive to ensure that each person brought on board understands the Three Pillars/Greenline values.